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  • dummy @mukoshy: @javalist lolz i didn't see those on your account! next time they popout, just copy them for me. #thanks #bug #debuging 3 years ago
  • alsudqee waiting 4 chat application on yarnable 3 years ago
  • mukoshy @mdoyewo i bet there's a lot coming up, i like the new changes to Yarnable. Although it can still be bettered! When are you launching photos? 2 years ago
  • mambenanje show ya sef...checking out what my boss @mukoshy is cooking up here 4 years ago
  • ediongs @mukoshy This is cool man 4 years ago
  • manugill sounds cool!!! 4 years ago
  • olawhite Yarnable redesigned? what are the techs behind this new please, I see Real time Updates I guess? 2 years ago

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